Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday 26 January, Day 12

Retour case départ!
Back to where we started from!

During our survey of the sea floor around South Georgia, one of the crew members got ill, abdominal pain I heard, maybe appendicitis, so we headed back to Stanley to transfer him ashore. We encountered strong winds and heavy seas on the way, with a nasty swell coming from sideways which awoke me at 5 am. I couldn't close my eyes again for the rest of the night as I was sliding up and down my bunk! Good thing I don't get sea sick, though: I was still able to work on my papers for the rest of the day. Arriving in Stanley was a relief, and we spent the night in the bay, waiting for a space along the dock to refuel, which we obtained this morning. We could get ashore for two hours, and I took the opportunity to walk and stretch my legs!

Below are a few pictures about life onboard, taken by Mike Gloistein.

Lunch in the Officers/Scientists saloon (I am sitting in front on the far right).

Lunch in the Officers/Scientists bar on Sunday (I am wearing the green polo).


  1. NICE! Definitely thining hairs in the front too!
    Still a little long, you'll see with time you 're going to try shorter and shorter!

    Now it's Francois' turn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 6mm is NOT that long! Let's say it is the "winter" length ;0 ... you're not going to Antarctica! Cedric is!

  3. I get it, shorter the penguins would have confuse his white untanned head for an egg!

  4. Matthieu, you missed my period of short hairs --High School, end of 80's. My sister would call me the skin-head. Now, the hair-do looks good on you Cedric. Like a Buddhist monk.

  5. That's funny, because Pierrot, whom I saw briefly at the British Antarctic Survey just before taking my flight to Stanley, said when he saw me arrive in his office: "Who's this hooligan?"...
    Well, I'm happy to look like a Buddhist monk!

  6. Francois Can I have a photo???????????? Come on please...............................