Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday 22 January, Day 8

One week already I have started this trip!
I have worked hard on my papers and made good progress, so tonight I am taking a bit of time off to upload some pictures on this blog.

This is my cabin, with a perfect view of the sea (although you can't see it because it is too bright)!

This is the ship, the RRS (Royal Research Ship) James Clark Ross.

On Saturday, prior to the ship's departure, four of us made a hike to see some penguins. Here is a magellanic penguin, at the doorstep of his house.

On Sunday, I made a visit to Stanley's town center, to find presents for Margot and Anael. I miss them so much already!

On Monday, we sailed away, direction...

... South Georgia Island! Unfortunately, we are mapping the sea floor on the edge of the shelf and slope, so this is the closest we'll get from this island.

The sea has been relatively calm so far. But things may change!...

Oh, I almost forgot: yesterday I saw a whale (a fin whale, according to the second mate).

The picture is not sharp, sorry, but the whale was very far, I took the shot with my big 400 mm lense, but with the ship motion and the air humidity, it is already not too bad.

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