Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday 18 January 2010 - Day 4

C'est parti!
The JCR left the dock at 11 am. We had our safety drill just after lunch.
We are now heading South, but the sea is rather calm for now. However, contrary to last year, we are going to spend most of the cruise in the latitudes of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, so it is bound to become rough at some point!


  1. No photos of you and your shaved head yet????????? You promised me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way your son's hairdue inspired me his Romanian nickname Kouchkipou!

    Good luck and say hi to penguins for me!

  2. I don't have a picture of me yet, I have to ask somebody to take one with my camera. Be patient!
    By the way, Marion finally cut Anael's hair, he is very cute now!

  3. What. Cedric you have no more hairs?

  4. That's not fair, your hairs won't be as short!!!!

  5. Francois -> Yop! Well, I still have some hair, but they are only 6 mm long. I wanted to do that for some time now: my hair get sparser on top of my head, and I don't want to hide it! So I asked Marion to cut them before leaving for the cruise. She likes me like that :-)

    Matthieu -> I just put some pictures taken by the Com' Officer on a new post, where you can see my new head! Don't be disappointed, my hair haven't grown much since Marion cut them.

  6. Good article.It seems that your antarctica tour is really fun,keep up,and keep having fun.