Saturday, February 14, 2009

Days 21-22

On Thursday, the 21st day of the cruise, the Second Chief Officer got injured or fell ill, I don't know, and Hannah, the ship's doctor, could not figure out how to cure him, so he had to get transferred to Halley to be flown from there to the nearest hospital on the Southern American continent I guess. We therefore stopped our work and headed to the ice shelf "dock" where people and equipment are usually transferred to Halley.
The trip took us 16 hours, a welcome break from the otherwise uninterrupted work ! We played cards, then I sorted out the mooring pictures and wrote the previous post. Somehow I did not feel like working on my papers, after 3 weeks of uninterrupted 12-hour work days...

Below are some pictures of the ice shelf again.

Then the snow shuttle arrived from Halley...

and some people from Halley traded the Second Chief Officer room for a one-week trip, before we come back to Halley on February 19.

We then headed back to our work area.
The next day, we deployed another of the Norwegian moorings successfully, along with more CTD casts.

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