Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 8 pictures

At the beginning of this long day, our ship was heading through heavy sea ice,

leaving only a faint trail behind...

It is hard to imagine the ocean lies just beneath the ice, except for some craks here and there !

This time I had my zoom lens to shoot this penguin, but it is still not as close as I would like...

Standing on one's foot is too tiring, lying on one's belly is better !

An iceberg in the sun set. Today the sun set at 9:30 pm and rose at 11 pm, but there was still a good daylight in between, therefore it seems like a perpetual day !

A rainbow gave to the ice a magical touch.

Today we finished preparing all the instruments for the imminent deployment. Below is an Acoustic Doppler Current Meter (ADCP), which measures the water velocity over a range of 500 m (for this particular model) every 8-32 m, depending on the settings. It will be deployed at the top of a mooring at ~ 500 m depth, to measure the currents remotely up to sea surface, without the instrument being damaged by passing icebergs.

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