Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 23

Whales !
After breakfast, I went outside on the ship deck to take pictures of the rising sun, and suddenly I saw two whales swimming ahead of the ship. Unfortunately, I had my normal lense on, so the whales where barely visible on the shots I took. I was thinking : "do I change my lense and risk missing them, or do I watch and get only disappointing pictures ?" I decided to switch to my zoom lense. Luckily, the whales reappeared and came closer to the ship. They followed us for about 10 minutes before turning away. I took loads of shots ! Below are some of the best sequences. But before, I would like to show this cartoon I had seen earlier in the book Antarctica - A guide to the wildlife, by Tony Soper :

The characteristic features of Minke whales are the insubstantial blow (contrary to that of the fin whale, which can reach up to 6 meters), and the fact that the tail does not come out of the water when they dive (contrary to other whales). Look out for these features in the sequence below :

Now, viewed from behind, as the whales were turning away from the ship :

I can't believe how lucky I was, to be at the right place at the right time !
If I could be as lucky with a killer whale before the end of this trip, I would be blessed...


  1. Oh look a whale!
    Is it a whale?
    Oh I think it's a whale, it's not a boat is it?
    No it's a whale!
    Oh no, it's a boat!!

    Ca te rappele rien, au moins ce coup ci tu as verifier dans le manuel pour identifier la baleine.

  2. Oui Christine, je leur ai raconte cette histoire sur le bateau, ils ont bien rigole !