Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday 9 March, Day 54

To change a bit from landscape and instrument pictures, let's show a glimpse of what life is sometimes onboard! Last Saturday night, Alex organized another quiz night, with lots of difficult questions to answer, and a funny physical challenge in between two question sessions. The goal was to form teams of 2 people, and while keeping our feet behind a line on the ground, try to put a napkin ring on the ground as far away from the line as possible, without any part of our body ever touching the ground past the line! John and I decided to have a go. While some other teams were already trying some moves, we trained and came up with the following move, which put us momentarily in first position:

But soon we were overthrown:

Then another team pushed the limits even further:

And finally a team seemed to be unbeatable, thanks to a perfect combination of a tall and heavy guy with a small and light girl:

But John and I decided to take the challenge and beat them, which we did!

Another team tried to reproduce this winning move, but they couldn't get back behind the line, so we won!

Pictures courtesy of Pete.

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