Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday 5 March, Day 50

Even longer silence, but not due to a lack of events to report, this time. We have indeed successfully recovered all our instruments, including a short redeployment of one of them. I have been too busy with the subsequent water samples analysis to update this blog. Then, 25 people from the Halley research base on the Brunt Ice Shelf came onboard, and the only two computers with an internet connection available for us on the JCR have been occupied most of the time since then, with sometimes even a queue to have access to them. Not ideal to keep up with this blog. I miss the internet connection in my cabin I had last year on the Shackleton!

We are now on our way back north, our destination being Montevideo. We should arrive there on the 13th or 14th, and fly back to the UK on the 15th, arriving at Heathrow on the 16th. I am counting the days before I can take Margot and Anael in my arms and kiss Marion!

I have loads of new pictures, but no time to upload them, sorry... I'll see if I can upload some from time to time before the end of the cruise.

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