Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 4

I read the entire user manual for the PIES, and asked questions by email to the scientist who developed the instrument. I think I gained a good understanding of how the instrument works and must be prepared, and what settings to choose. I'll finish preparing it tomorrow, and then will switch to a different kind of instruments: automated water samplers. Their preparation is boring and time consuming, but I have already been through it during a trial cruise in Oban, Scotland, last spring, so no surprises there.

We recovered some moorings that had been in the water for 2 years (see pictures). Once the data will be uploaded, they will be redeployed for another 2 years on our way back. They are part of a long-term monitoring program.

Although the air gets colder and colder (it was snowing today !), the icebergs have disappeared. Probably because of different current directions. We will see them again soon, before reaching the continent.


  1. From the ship track and webcam, you are entering an ice-covered sea! Margot is waiting for pictures of seals and penguins! Be prepared! bisous

  2. I've got one picture of a seal and one picture of a penguin, see Day 5. OK, they are a bit far, I'll try to do better in the days to come !...
    Bisous a vous deux.

  3. I have added a link for the shiptrack on the left of the page, under "check these out".