Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 3 pictures

John "Mc Giver"

First iceberg !!!

Followed soon by plenty others...

Inaccessible Islands

South Orkney Islands

Avoiding icebergs

All sizes...

... and shapes


  1. these are pictures that make me dream ...
    it's true that icebergs really seems impressive ... and cold :-)
    thank you for these daily pictures and news
    I used to read a french weekly blog written by the leader of Kerguelen teams (they stay there one year). it was a really welcome "breath of ocean" every time I read it.
    I just find again these pleasant feeling with your words and pictures.
    Thank you Cedric

  2. Thanks for these encouragements, Frederique !
    After the 15-16 hours of work daily, I am so tired I want to go to bed right away, but I know that if I don't write my daily blog, I won't have time to do it the next day, so I force myself to do it. I hope I'll be able to keep the pace !
    Have you noticed the little black dots on the iceberg on the picture prior to the last one ? I watched them through my binoculars, but did not see them move, so I thought they must have been rocks. But a biologist on the ship told me today these were penguins !

  3. One of them really look like a sarcophagus! It reminded me of the book "Towing Jehovah" by James Morrow, in which the two-mile long corpse of God is discovered floating in the artic Ocean. You should sent the picture to the editor!

  4. Those pictures are very nice. Love the last one, the massive table of ice, and the one about the "inacessible islands"... Dreamy.

  5. Matthieu, you are right, I had not noticed it. Good imagination ! I contacted the editor of the book you mention. I'll see if they answer me...