Sunday, March 1, 2009

Days 34-38

On February 27th, I did a CTD watch from 11 pm to 3 am. When waking up for lunch on the 28th, I got a first surprise on the white board near the mess :

En français s'il vous plaît !
Then at the end of the dinner, I got a second surprise : a birthday cake, made by the Halley cook !
Since reaching 30 years old is like a new birth, I got only 2 candles, like my daughter Margot.

I also got a red wine bottle from John, and opened the sparkling wine bottle I won at a game a week earlier. It was a very lively party this night, and definitively the most original place where I have ever celebrated my birthday !

Now it is my turn to make presents : below are a few pictures of icebergs and penguins taken over the past few days.

The one below looks like a giant puzzle :

During a CTD station, a Macaroni penguin swam next to the ship :

When dry, they have nice yellow crests over their eyes, but when wet the crests are pushed against their feathers on their head.
A chin-strap penguin also joined in :

And dived in search of food :

This is when we can really realize that penguins are birds, but flying under water rather than in the air :


  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And by the way the chin-strap penguin is hitchhiking... did you took him on board?

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  3. We offered him to, but he changed his mind and said he would rather swim back home with his Macaroni friend !